Music for new danish anti-smoking campaign

Toni Martin has created the music for a new campaign video from an initiative called “Røgfri Fremtid” (Smokefree Future).

In the video a 6-year-old boy is telling a group of adults about childrens’ smoking habits and asks the question of why adults aren’t doing anything to stop children from smoking. Toni’s composition lets a piano add a seriousness to the boy’s words, and uses a slow building string-led crescendo to emphasise the boy’s hopes for the future.

“Røgfri Fremtid” is a partnership between The Danish Cancer Society and TrygFonden. The goal of the partnership is that no child or teenager will smoke by the year 2030, and by that create the first smokefree generation. This video is the first step to achieving that goal.

Client: The Danish Cancer Society & TrygFonden

Production: New Land

Director: Tore Frandsen

Music: Toni Martin Dobrzanski