Music for the swedish play En Annan Värld

Toni Martin has created sound design and written the music for the play En Annan Värld (Another World) which is currently on show at the Malmö City Theatre in Sweden.

Toni has worked closely with the director behind the play and has had to divide his work between his studio in Copenhagen and the theatre in Malmö to achieve the best results.

En Annan Värld is a play for children between the ages 6 and 9. The play has no lines which means that the music, sound design and animation play a big part of the storytelling and produce a different theatre experience.

The play centres around a lonely girl who draws a fictitious friend. When one day the fictitious friend is in danger the girl has to enter a fantasy world made of drawings and must face her own imagination and fears in order to get her friend back.

The play can be viewed at Malmö City Theatre from September 9th to October 21st.

Read more and buy tickets here: Malmö Stadsteater (in swedish)

Production: Malmö City Theatre

Director: Sara Cronberg

Scenographer: Helle Damgaard

Animation: Charlotte Rodenstedt

Music & Sound Design: Toni Martin Dobrzanski