Peer Raben Music Award nomination

Toni Martin is nominated for a Peer Raben Music Award for his work on the movie Hecatomb.

Hecatomb is a 15 minute ‘proof of concept’ movie by director Edward Andrews, a visual effects artist who has worked on movies such as Skyfall, Inception and The Dark Knight Rises amongst others and are now taking on the role as director.

The Peer Raben Music Award has been awarded to film composers since 2009 as a part of the congress Soundtrack_Cologne. It is given to the best score in a short film and prioritises film scores where the relationship between the narration and the music and sound is innovative and dramaturgically striking.

The winner will be made public during the Soundtrack_Cologne 14 congress between the 23rd and 27th of August 2017. We have our fingers crossed