Premiering in the U.S.

  • Photo © RJ Muna, Pictured: Maggie Powers & Ismael Alvarez Acosta

  • Photo © RJ Muna, Pictured: Ismael Alvarez Acosta & Mila Sparenberg

  • Photo © RJ Muna, Pictured: Maggie Powers

We are just about to finish up the music for the modern dance and performance show ‘When We Were Small’. The performance takes us back to our childhood and how we perceived the world, when we were small. Through dance and performance we are guided on a playful journey back to once we experienced the immediate childish happiness.

Just a couple of weeks before the premiere a lot of things are still being created or rearranged and done. It’s the creative process before such a premiere where the result has to be giving one’s best and utmost.

Hear one of the tracks that are already done. A tour de force through different emotions and musical styles:

The show if choreographed and directed by Jodi Lomask, artistic director of the dance company Capacitor, who also created the innovative and creative show ‘Synaptic Motion’. The musik is composed and produced by award-winning Toni Martin Dobrzanski.

The show premieres on March 31st 2016 in Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture, San Francisco. Buy your tickets here.

Se the behind the scenes process of the creation in the trailer below: