Trailer directed and produced by Simon Flack

Music for the play Som Man Sår

The theatre Unga Klara, a part of Stockholm City theater is currently showing the play Som Man Sår which Toni Martin has contributed to with original music and sound design.

Som Man Sår is a dystopic play centering around the power of masculinity and the self-destruction of patriarchy. A lament for the modern man.

The play opened to much critical acclaim in the swedish press with good reviews in papers such as Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Aftonbladet and Expressen amongst others.

Som Man Sår runs at Unga Klara in Stockholm from October 14th to December 9th.

Read more and buy tickets here: Unga Klara (in swedish)

You can listen to the soundtrack by Toni Martin on Spotify

Production: Unga Klara

Writer: Kristian Hallberg

Director: Gustav Deinoff

Choreography: Mari Carrasco

Music and sound design: Toni Martin Dobrzanski